Center For Generosity

Coming September 2021!

Equipping Non-profit leaders with best practices and resources that grow generosity to enhance the mission. Expand your toolbox and support network with quality programs, videos, templates, and one-on-one attention from our experienced consultants.

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Center For Generosity

Coming September 2021!

Equipping Non-profit leaders with best practices and resources that grow generosity to enhance the mission. Expand your toolbox and support network with quality programs, videos, templates, and one-on-one attention from our experienced consultants.

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Whether in small groups or through a scheduled one on on call with one of our consultants though the center, we will help provide clarity and direction to help you and your organization work through the hurdles holding you back.


With so many demands on non-profit leaders, working with our consultants ensures quality time is spent on key actions that teach and nurture generosity among leadership and constituents.


Rather than create everything you use from scratch, access tools that are working in other contexts. These tools will give you confidence that you, your own volunteers and board are working through best practices.


Whether last year was successful or not, updating your annual stewardship plan or your strategic goals keeps your organization moving forward. Working with our consultants can keep you from stalling out.


Give your donors the power and knowledge to invest in your mission and impact by creating a join me culture that begins with your board. Working with our consultants can ensure you share your story and grow generosity.



Document Library of resources

Topics range from annual fund to board development to communications and volunteers.


Video library of resources

Video tutorials and usable resources to help you and your team be more effective.


Weekly Roundtable Discussion

Topics led by GSB consultants followed by discussion.


Weekly office hours

Drop in on a GSB consultant for any questions you have.


One on one meetings

Link to the calendar and schedule one on one time with a GSB consultant.



Periodic programs for deeper dives into pertinent topics.



Each episode we tackle a topic related to growing generosity to your nonprofit and answer the three most critical questions for success.



More is being added to the Center every month.

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Self Care after a Crisis

Self Care after a crisis
Speakers: Anne McFarland

Self care.  It’s important for people.  It is important for organizations.   The pandemic/any crisis, along with other usual challenges of life, reveal things in ourselves and our organizations that we cannot ignore.  The Wall Street Journal recently cited a record number of people choosing not to fill positions available and many of those working are actively looking for a different job.  All of this is leaving organizations vulnerable and in some cases in jeopardy of surviving.

 We know that our people are our #1 asset and resource.  The goal is to keep them, to recruit them, to support their development in achieving organizational results and to see them thrive.

 This session will provide:

  • sample assessment to establish staff satisfaction with their job;
  • guidance for best practices related to self-care practices;   
  • ways to assess your culture to identify if your organizational practices/policies help or hinder supportive behavior;
  • ways to promote positive practices with current and potential employees;
  • awareness of how to recognize if you/your leaders are struggling and the impact that has on team behavior and results;
  • strategies for debriefing and moving forward after a crisis.
  Thursday 21st of October 2021
  12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Your Relationship with Money Roundtable Discussion with Pete Reuss

Your Relationship with Money
Speakers: Pete Reuss

In any non-profit organization, leaders play a critical role in inviting gifts. Sometimes their energy and passion encourage significant generosity. Other times their reticence to join in generosity ministry becomes a significant barrier to unleashing generous gifts. As a leader in your organization, your relationship with money can help (or hinder) your efforts. During this roundtable you will begin reflecting on the ways that money and finances have impacted your life, consider how it impacts (positively or negatively) your current development work, and plan steps to move into the future. 

  Monday 25th of October 2021
  12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Office hours with Peter Reuss

Open Conversation
Speakers: Pete Reuss

Office hours is a scheduled time each week where a different GSB consultant will be available.  It is normally the same person who led the Roundtable discussion.  You are free to come with any questions that you have on any topic that we tend to cover.  Office hours will be open for at least 30 minutes and will go as long as needed to cover your topics and questions.

  Monday 25th of October 2021
  3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

$10k Car Wash--Youth Ministry Fundraising can be robust! Session 3 of 4 with Mike Ward

$10k carwash special program
Speakers: Mike Ward

Poor fundraising tactics that are prevalent in churches for youth ministry are exhausting, manipulative, and take away from our ministry.  Who really thinks it is a good idea to wake kids up at 4 AM to cook an Easter breakfast for the congregation so that they can be given a few dollars and people get upset that their eggs were cold and the service was surly?!  Youth ministry fundraising at its best will actually enhance the ministry and achieve significant investment by the congregation.  Instead of having people feel like they are paying $10 to get their car washed, they will be investing $400 into the faith lives of the youth.  And, as people invest in the youth, new relationships are formed and we create shared experiences as the kids go about their ministry.  This program will provide the tools needed for youth leaders to develop the financial giving necessary to raise all the money the youth program requires.  And, yes, it is possible to raise $10,000 from a car wash without actually even washing any cars!  For youth groups planning to attend the National Youth Gathering and need fundraising help.  This program is for you.  Note this is a 4 part series:  Sept 7, Sept 29, Oct 28, and Dec 1.

  Thursday 28th of October 2021
  11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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